Large Laser Cut Maps

Crafted laser cut map panels for hotel lobbies, city halls, hospitals, and more. Design a unique art piece for your professional space.

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  • Metal Coated

    Real metals are coated over every surface of a 1/2" HDU base. Sanded, polished and buffed for a stunning finish.


  • Painted Enamel

    Black or white painted finish over a 1/2" laser cut HDU base. Your choice of satin or matte clear top coat for high durability.


  • Natural Wood

    The most economical option is 1/4" birchwood ply. Can be stained or painted as desired. Indoors only.



Full map design

We will design you a cut map of anywhere in the world. In the design phase you will receive proofs and be able to make adjustments to the map design before production.


Every project is different. Our panel cut maps are made for your unique space. We can offer custom finishes, hardware and mounting solutions. If you have some specific needs in mind please send us a message!

Flexible Sizes

Single panels can be produced up to 4x8'. Connect multiple panels together into a continuous design for art installations without limits.

Easy Installation

Stainless steel post mounts are simple to install with standard anchors and available in a range of sizes and colors to match your professional space. Hidden mounting solutions are also available.


Our 1/2" panels are completely waterproof and will never bow, warp, crack or rot. Pairing with a protective clear coat to guard the finish ensures that your piece will continue to turn heads for a long time.


A lightweight base material is used for the underlayment of our 1/2" metal panels. Have all the properties of the real metals at a fraction of the weight and cost.